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January / February 2020

VOLUME 54 NUMBER 1 FEATURES: A Gathering of H-10s at Mill Creek Central's 20th Anniversary Meet by RAY GROSSER An EMD SD70Ace in 3/4-inch Scale by CHUCK BALMER Raising Steam by KEITH STERNBERG Building 7.5-inch Gauge Switches - Part 1 by JOE FARROW Rio Grande K-27 - Part 33A Air Compressor Details by KOZO HIRAOKA [...]

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November / December 2019

VOLUME 53 NUMBER 6 FEATURES: Model Steam Traction Engines by LES PROPER Rio Grande K-27 - Part 32 Lubricator by KOZO HIRAOKA A 21st Century Handcar Model - Part 3 Conclusion by ED HUME Building the Lombard Hauler - Part 10B Engines by CHRIS RUEBY The Editor's Workshop - Eccentric Strap Jig by DAVID BRUSH [...]

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September / October 2019

VOLUME 53 NUMBER 5 FEATURES: Animated Steam - Farewell (For Now) by JAN-ERIC NYSTROM A 21st Century Handcar Model Part 2 by ED HUME My Engineer's Car by KEN SCHROEDER Rio Grande K-27 Part 31 - Water Piping by KOZO HIRAOKA Building the Lombard Hauler Part 10A - Engine Valve Gear by CHRIS RUEBY Dreams [...]

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July / August 2019

VOLUME 53 NUMBER 4 FEATURES: A 21st Century Handcar Model Part 1 by ED HUME Full Steam Ahead by GERALD LEE Making Queen Posts by JEFF HARTMANN Rio Grande K-27 Part 30 - Whistle by KOZO HIRAOKA Our New Truss Bridge by CHUCK FINNILA The Gemini MkIII High-Speed Steam Engine by GRAHAM MEEK Building the [...]

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May / June 2019

VOLUME 53 NUMBER 3 FEATURES: A Seven-Cylinder Hot Air Engine by JERRY GROVES A Backyard Foundry for Sand Casting - Part 2 Molds & Castings by CHUCK BALMER The Celebration at Maricopa Live Steamers by JOHN DRAFTZ Vendor Spotlight: Godshall's Custom Machining by RAY GROSSER Building the Lombard Hauler - Part 8 Steering Gear by [...]

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March / April 2019

VOLUME 53 NUMBER 2 FEATURES: The Evolution of the Finger Lakes Live Steamers by TIM GUENTHER A Backyard Foundry for Sand Casting - Part 1 Furnace by CHUCK BALMER Why Two-inch Scale? by DENIS LARRICK The Uintah in G-scale - Part 10 Conclusion by BILL ALLEN Going Injector-only in One-inch Scale by NATHAN REED Building [...]

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