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January / February 2021

VOLUME 55 NUMBER 1 FEATURES: A Four-Cylinder Heisler - Part 1 Engine by BILL ALLEN Pepper's Run by WENDELL KOEDEL A Visit With Tom Bee - Vendor Spotlight by RYAN DEVRIES A Stanley Model 735v Engine by CHRIS RUEBY Rise of the Bluebird by Benjamin Maggi Rio Grande K-27 - Part 36 Brake System by [...]

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November / December 2020

VOLUME 54 NUMBER 6 FEATURES: Building the Lombard Hauler - Part 14 Conclusion by CHRIS RUEBY The Conner Beam Engine by ROBERT WINKEL Cool It, Again by JAN-ERIC NYSTROM Winter Storage or Frozen Fish? by DENIS LARRICK Build a 1937 Drop-Bottom Gondola by RAY GROSSER Rio Grande K-27 - Part 35 Tender Brakes by KOZO [...]

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September / October 2020

VOLUME 54 NUMBER 5 FEATURES: Ball Piston Engine by MIKE PILESKI Converting a Live Steam Mogul to Electric Tender Drive (And the Birth of the F3 Stubby) by CHET ROBERTS Machinist or Fabricator? by KIMBALL MCGINLEY One Man's Incredible Shop and Museum by DAVID BRUSH Building the Lombard Hauler - Part 13 Cab by CHRIS [...]

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July / August 2020

VOLUME 54 NUMBER 4 FEATURES: For the Love of a Ten-Wheeler by MARTY CARAPIET The Leather Washer Engine by ROBERT JOHNSON Balmer Simplicity by DENIS LARRICK Build a Duplex Steam Pump - Part 2 by JOAN LLUCH Building the Lombard Hauler - Part 12 Saddle Tank by CHRIS RUEBY Rio Grande K-27 - Part 34A [...]

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May / June 2020

VOLUME 54 NUMBER 3 FEATURES: Build a Duplex Steam Pump - Part 1 by JOAN LLUCH An Automatic Signal System for a Backyard Railroad by RAY GROSSER The Ashton Valve Co. by RICK ASHTON Building the Lombard Hauler - Part 11B Boiler by CHRIS RUEBY Etching Custom Plates by CHRIS RUEBY Rio Grande K-27 - [...]

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March / April 2020

VOLUME 54 NUMBER 2 FEATURES: The Diverse Live Steam Clubs of France by J. J. PAQUES Building 7.5-inch Gauge Switches - Part 2 by JOE FARROW The Hornsby Steam Crawler by JAY WOLKOWISKI How to Lay Out an Oblique Conical Boiler Jacket Course by KOZO HIRAOKA Rio Grande K-27 - Part 33B Air Piping by [...]

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