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January / February 2018

VOLUME 52 NUMBER 1 FEATURES: A 3-1/2" Gauge, 1:16 Scale 2-6-6-6 Allegheny CHUCK BALMER The X-Drive Alpha Hot Air Engine JERRY GROVES Rio Grande K-27 - Part 22 KOZO HIRAOKA The Maryland Blue Crab DENIS LARRICK The Uintah in G-scale - Part 3 BILL ALLEN Building the New Tom Thumb - Part 28 BILL SHIELDS [...]

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November / December 2017

VOLUME 51 NUMBER 6 FEATURES Our 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Mill Creek Central Railroad DAVID BRUSH The 2017 Buckeye Limited Convention Tours STEPHEN LANE The Evolution of Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading Magazine NEIL KNOPF The Uintah in G-scale - Part 2 BILL ALLEN Rio Grande K-27 - Part 21 KOZO HIRAOKA Building the Great Northern [...]

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September / October 2017

VOLUME 51 NUMBER 5 FEATURES Off the Rails - at the Rough & Tumble Threshermen's Reunion JARED SCHOENLY The Uintah in G-scale - Part 1 BILL ALLEN Florida Winter Meets 2017 NEIL KNOPF Rio Grande K-27 – Part 20  KOZO HIRAOKA A Plumber's Model Steam Engine TIM STRAW Building the New "Tom Thumb" - Part 27 - More [...]

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July / August 2017

VOLUME 51 NUMBER 4 FEATURES The Big Boots & Western 2017 - An Update to "I had a dream"  NEIL KNOPF For the Garden Railroader... - Building a Patio Plant Pump LES PROPER Rio Grande K-27 – Part 19  KOZO HIRAOKA A Simple Oscillating-engine Locomotive for G-gauge KAZUO KUMAMOTO Building the New "Tom Thumb" - Part [...]

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May / June 2017

VOLUME 51 NUMBER 3 FEATURES Spring Equalization for Steam Locomotives  DOUGLASS A. KERR Notes on the Design of a Steam Engine Feedwater Pump  KENNETH J. HEMMELGARN Building the New "Tom Thumb" Part 25 - Assembling the Boiler  BILL SHIELDS and TIM VAUGHAN "Stovetop Steamer" HAL RAPER, JR DDS Rio Grande K-27 – Part 18B  KOZO HIRAOKA [...]

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