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September / October 2016

VOLUME 50 NUMBER 5 FEATURES Ernie Beskowiney and his Canadian National 4-8-2 Mountain  MIKE MASSEE Building Victoria – A Miniaure Model Steam Launch Part Two  LES PROPER Adventures in Car Building: The 3" Scale Bobber Caboose Part Two Finishing the Bobber  MIKE MASSEE Exploring a “Teaching Model” Steam Engine  TIM STRAW Building the New “Tom [...]

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July / August 2016

VOLUME 50 NUMBER 4 FEATURES Building Victoria – A Miniature Model Steam Launch LES PROPER Adventures in Car Building: The 3" Scale Bobber Caboose – Part 1 The Frame and Body MIKE MASSEE Building a Locomotive with Eccentric – Driven Valves KAZUO KUMAMOTO Building the New "Tom Thumb" – Part 20 Crankshaft BILL SHIELDS AND [...]

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May / June 2016

VOLUME 50 NUMBER 3 FEATURES Vertical Hot Air Engine JERRY R. GROVES The Statfold Barn Railway MIKE SAVAGE AT&SF 5000 versus UP 4014 SAM D. TEAGUE Saving Skookum – Her Story and a Commentary on Her Life, Times and the Technology of Then and Now DR. BILL ZINGHEIM Building the New "Tom Thumb" – Part [...]

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March / April 2016

VOLUME 50 NUMBER 2 FEATURES Vertical Hot Air Engine JERRY R. GROVES Using PTFE in Live Steam Applications JAN-ERIC NYSTRÖM Rio Grande K-27 – Part 15B KOZO HIRAOKA Cohunu Koala Park Railway and Steam Museum KEITH WATSON Building the New "Tom Thumb" – Part 18 Piston, Rod, Crosshead and Guide BILL SHIELDS AND TIM VAUGHAN [...]

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January / February 2016

VOLUME 50 NUMBER 1 FEATURES Rebuilding a Small Steam Engine – The Heavy Horizontal TIM STRAW Soo Line Combination Car – Building an MCC Kit RAY GROSSER Live Steam Gauge Marking MARTIN J. GEARING Trees and Rails – Growing a Forest with a Railroad RICK HENDERSON WITH LARRY TAYLOR Rothwell Park Railroad BOB SCHAFER Rio [...]

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November / December 2015

VOLUME 49 NUMBER 6 FEATURES Train Mountain Triennial 2015 NEIL KNOPF Medford Railroad Park NEIL KNOPF Live Steam Gauge Marking MARTIN J. GEARING The Penfold Papers – A Look at Steam Engineering of the Past JONATHAN PALTERMAN Building a Steam-powered Railroad Wrecking Crane – Part 6 BOB REEDY Rio Grande K-27 – Part 14 KOZO [...]

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September / October 2015

VOLUME 49 NUMBER 5 FEATURES Chime Whistles for Scale Steam Locomotives KEITH STERNBERG The Grand Finish of the Eagle Point Railroad RICK HENDERSON Seat-of-the-pants Slide Valve Setting – The Easy Eyeball Method DENIS M. LARRICK Building a 1-1/2" Scale Wood Refrigerator Car RON SHUPARD, SR. Steam Powered Railroad Wrecking Crane – Part 5 BOB REEDY [...]

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Planning a Summertime Railroading Adventure?

Don't miss the July/August 2015 issue! Now that vacations are on everyone’s mind, take a moment to find out how you can improve your video filming techniques! Going to the Train Mountain Triennial or another major track meet? Read in the July/August 2015 issue how Jan-Eric Nystrom plans his filming storylines. With a few of [...]

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Adventure of a Ten-Wheeler

by Neil Knopf Several days ago, I was reading of promotions put on by the Union Pacific Railroad. Much to my surprise, there on the “project photos” page ( was a photo of a locomotive I thought I recognized. A quick email was sent to Chris Brew of Vancouver, Washington, to see if his was [...]

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Live Steam July / August 2015

July / August 2015 Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading VOLUME 49 NUMBER 4 FEATURES Steam on the Michigan AuSable Valley Railroad NEIL KNOPF Spirted Away – A New Home for Traverse City's 4-4-2 CLOVER MCKINLEY Building an Irregular Locomotive Cylinder Assembly KAZUO KUMAMOTO Steam's Next Generation – Staying Upright DENIS M. LARRICK Rio Grande K-27 [...]

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