We’ve just released The Steam Engines of Ray HasBrouck for your latest steaming endeavor! Spiral bound and containing 112 pages of details, Ray’s book will provide you with all the information you’ll need to build any or all of the following steam engines.

  • One-cylinder Double-acting Open column 2-1/4″ x 3″ stroke
  • One-Flea-Power “Little Boy” 1/8″ bore x 3/16″ stroke
  • Horizontal Mill Engine 1″ bore x 1-3/8″ stroke
  • Simple Single-Column 5/8″ bore x 1/2″ stroke
  • Two-cylinder Double-acting Marine engine 2″ bore x 2-1/2″ stroke w/ Stephenson reverse
  • Two-cylinder Single-acting 5/8″ bore x 1/2″ stroke
  • Two-cylinder Open Column 5/8″ bore x 5/8″ stroke w/ port exchange reverse
  • Two-cylinder V-type Marine 1-7/8″ bore x 2″ stroke w/ Stephenson reverse
  • Two-cylinder Reversing Oscillator 3/4″ bore x 3/4″ stroke w/ feed pump
  • Single Open-column Reversing 2-1/4″ bore x 3″ stroke

Six of the stationary engines would be classified as display or exhibition engines that can be built using bench-top machines and hand tools. Four of the designs are large enough to perform useful work given they are attached to ample boilers. The marine designs have been used to propel small steamboats!

Ray’s book is bound to be a valuable addition to the steam engineer’s library. At $24.95, plus $4.95 s&h, you can’t go wrong! Call (800) 447-7367 and order your copy today, or visit our on-line store.