A&K now offer a full line of Gas Burners as well as the custom-made Box Burners. Oil Burners and custom made Grates for solid fuel can be provided from tabletop to full size in any scale.

Hobby Boilers…If your Old Steamer needs a new hobby boiler, or if a hobby boiler is needed for a current project, please feel free to call or write. From tabletop to ride-on, Briggs hobby boilers are no problem.

New Line of Books…Authors, such as Mallory Hope Ferrell, Gerald M. Best and Arthur W. Wallace just to name a few,
are being offered for your period research from some of the greatest writers in steam and narrow gauge railroading.
Be sure to check out “Mason Steam Locomotives,” which is on shelf now with many other great titles.

Raw Materials…Steel, brass and copper for your use in hobby boiler and miniature steam locomotive construction are offered for your selection. Steel or copper hobby boilers are no problem as well as steel and copper hobby boiler tubes. There are quite a few designs to work from as well as new ones.

Water Treatment… A&K has water treatment to fit your needs. They carry a non-hazardous treatment which excludes any acidic or corrosive polymers which can cause severe damage to your boiler if used unchecked without proper test procedures and checks in place. Their formulas are easy to use and may be batched days before so you may administer and spot check throughout the day and end of run (see their articles in the LALSRM Engine Booster or contact A&K and they will send you copies

Steam and Journal Oil… For the mechanical oilers they carry a lighter weight steam cylinder oil for ease of pumping. No preheat is needed for their steam cylinder oil. They also have a high grade journal and side rod oil with sticky properties to help stay in place especially on locomotive rods. All are offered in convenient 16 ounce bottle.

Full Line of Injectors…English-style injectors are offered from Number Two through Number Six. Also offered is the Number 8 Injector that delivers 8 pints per minute with 3/8” model pipe or tubing.

Full Line of Ride-on Equipment… From 1″ scale as well as 1-1/2″ and 2-1/2″ scale ride-on electric and steam are available. They are Maxitrak USA, please contact them for pricing.

Live Steam Dynamos… Cab lights and headlights need electricity; use either their 1-1/2″ or 2-1/2″ scale steam turbo dynamos for your steamer.

C-16 Drawings as well castings to be offered at a later date for 2″, 3″ and 4″ scales. Shortly, they will be offering drawings for the famous C-16 for those interested. Later, they will offer castings as well as machined components and frames for this item.
Valves, Fittings and Appurtenances

As always we have all the trimmings you need to fit out your Locomotive from Table Top to Full Size.

For further information, see their ad or contact: A & K Enterprises, 23638 Lyons Avenue Unit 419, Newhall, CA 91321-2604, phone (661) 236-4545 or email aksteamtech@yahoo.com.