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Now that vacations are on everyone’s mind, take a moment to find out how you can improve your video filming techniques!

Going to the Train Mountain Triennial or another major track meet? Read in the July/August 2015 issue how Jan-Eric Nystrom plans his filming storylines. With a few of his main pointers, you can greatly improve your video-making experiences. Catch the tricks that will make your summertime video much more enjoyable to your audience. Learn about steadying your camera, improving the sound, composing your storyline. Here is an example of one of Jan-Eric’s storyboards for creating a video (it is not a video itself).

Jan-Eric has been connected with the animation industry for decades, including working with such renowned animators as Ollie Johnson and others of Walt Disney Productions. Jan-Eric has created many images and film footage used in numerous movies and television programs in Finland. His column, “Animated Steam” has appeared in the pages of LSOR for over a decade.

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